You Know What It Takes

You Know What It Takes

Today is a big day. Today is a momentous day. You know what day it is.

It is your day to do your job of making your choice known.

Today is our final day to act upon our right to select a leader who will be in office for foooouuurrrrr years. Think about that.

Think about this: when you get hired at a job, do you have the option to select your leader?

Do you get to choose that one person and have them stay in place for four consecutive years as your leader?

Do you get to select that one person who will influence your income, your healthcare benefits, your career development, your work-life ratio and your overall day-to-day living?

Beyond that, prior to going to work for them, do you get to see them in action publicly interacting with others giving you an uncensored glimpse of their true colors, to determine if you want to be impacted by their actions?

If you’ve ever held a job, e-v-e-r, for one day, one week, one year or four, then you know what qualities it takes to be an effective leader. You know what it takes because when you have a leader who doesn’t have the right qualities you feel the discomfort and distress caused by their every move. Beyond their impact on you, you know what it takes because you witness their impact – direct and indirect – on everyone else.

Leading people well requires a leader to have high emotional intelligence.

Leading economies well requires a leader to be trustworthy, compliant, competent and moral.

Leading systems and processes well requires a leader to enable experts to govern with practicality and ingenuity.
When it comes to selecting our nation’s leader, take your job seriously.