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Meet the Inspirational Idealist

Amy Beaulieu

Founder & CEO 

A catalyst for learning and growing, I use my talents and strengths as a highly dynamic, skilled facilitator and effective learning designer to deliver training to companies to achieve peak performance. I supplement my trainings with supportive, yet challenging coaching to individuals who are a leader of one, none or 1001.   I'm certified in multiple coaching modalities in addition to being a Massachusetts Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW).

My experiences have taken me around the world – both professionally and personally – allowing me to thrive while compelling me to help others to do the same. From my days in clinical social work serving victims of crime, leading teams and funded by grants in nonprofit organizations, to working with leaders in brand-name, for-profit corporations, I have served thousands of individuals on the path of self-improvement.

I serve audiences ranging from large to small, front line to c-suite, in a variety of industries including:

Sharing wisdom & simple tools to transform lives & workplaces, one lightbulb moment at a time.

Providing lifelong learning that empowers each person to grow purposefully into each new version of their best self.


Why choose 3Shoes

Set Up For Success

I ensure that I thoroughly assess the needs and wants of each client to ensure what I deliver meets and exceeds their expectations. By working in collaboration with you, I strive to configure the ideal learning experience for you and your employees.


Beneficial Background

Working with me gives you the benefits of learning from my years as a licensed therapist, coaching certifications, neuroscience studies, my wordly travels, and my work with every industry imaginable.  My background allows me to relate to
any audience, any level.

Investment Pricing

My philosophy is we deserve to invest in ourselves.  I’m happy to serve anyone who’s willing to invest in advancing their success with training or coaching.  Therefore, I offer discounts for loyal customers, volume purchases and payments in advance.

Expert Facilitation

I infuse my passion for learning and my belief in growth for self-improvement with my ability to make audiences comfortable and eager to learn.

Skillbuilding Practice

Learning occurs gradually. In order to turn newfound insights into actions…and those actions into habits…we have to build muscles through practice.  Each training and coaching session will offer learners that opportunity.

Ongoing Support

Because learning is a vulnerable and intimate process, I am available to support clients after training and coaching sessions.


Training and Coaching are the necessary ingredients to keep those ‘shoes that feel like a million bucks’ polished.

Research shows the ROI you gain from training and coaching are invaluable not only for the individual, but the company as well.  3Shoes provides customized training and coaching sessions online, in person, or blended.

Employee Engagement
Higher Productivity
Higher Revenue
Lower Turnover Rates
Increased Innovation
Higher Performance Ratings
Increased Internal Promotions
Improved Interpersonal
Increased Confidence


Customers Tell All

I've had a fantastic experience of collaboration with Amy Beaulieu! She has incredible energy, which fulfills her and everyone around. She has provided very professional services to the Young Business Club of New York City and helped us to facilitate many meetings.

Denny Copy Co-Founder
Young Business Club of New York City

If you've ever sweat bullets or wanted to run for the hills right before presenting to any group of people, Amy Beaulieu is the professional growth coach that you need! She has helped me overcome my fear of public speaking, and have grown into liking the ability of sharing my work/accomplishments to a room of people all thanks to Amy's help!

Michelle Sension Patient Experience and Service Excellence Manager
Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital

I walked away knowing it was one of the best training programs I have been through in my nearly 30 years in business. Amy is big-picture, all-encompassing & dynamically interesting to listen to. What her delivery yields, to each and every person attending, is the ability to walk away knowing you are not only more effectively communicating but that you are doing so with style and class, regardless of what the content of the discussion may be.


Amy’s approach is engaging, enlightening and effective. I’ve observed her impact first hand and seen tangible results.


“Learning is evergreen. It is a lifelong process. We can learn anything, at any age. We owe it to ourselves and others to learn and to grow every day that we have a pulse.”         –  Amy