Life Lessons of 2020

Life Lessons of 2020

Looking back, what life lessons showed up in 2020 b-e-g-g-i-n-g you to learn them?

Life Lesson: Your individual world changes … every. single. day.

Have you learned how to…gain your balance? Apply healthy coping skills? Adjust your mindset to persevere?

Life Lesson: Your control is limited.

Have you learned how to…make conscious choices of where to focus energy? Take inventory of areas to pay attention to? Relinquish efforts to control what can’t be?

Life Lesson: Some changes are expected while others are unexpected; just as some are welcomed and others are not.

Have you learned how to…recognize the pay offs or benefits? Avoid the dangers or threats?

Life Lesson: Your choices impact you … and everyone else. Directly and indirectly.

Have you learned how to…have empathy for others? Take care of yourself? Make choices for the good of the whole?

Life Lesson: Your interactions with online media sites are skewed and not based on actuality

Have you learned how to…Balance your sources of information? Accept input from those who you typically disagree with or oppose?

Life Lesson: Your words, as much as your silence, can equally cause harm to others

Have you learned how to…express your opinions/ideas with respect, even when you’re upset? Share perspectives in a way to be understood? Influence others?

What lessons is your ‘life’ teaching you?
When you’re ready, I’ll help you learn them.
Let’s design your life to not just survive, but to thrive!
Let’s do this together – keep learning, keep growing!